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Take your perfect premium clients from cold to sold

in your best converting high ticket challenge ever!

Take your perfect premium clients from cold to sold in your best converting high ticket challenge ever!

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Transformational coaches, course creators and consultants

looking to have a successful sales campaign while building your tribe, then you probably already know that you need to create an online challenge that converts!

After all, you probably already know that running a 5 Day Online Challenge quantum leaps your status and your ability to generate the largest amount of hot leads in the shortest time flat.

AND... gets you at least 2x the conversions for less than half the cash you would need for other types of launches - even in the most crowded markets!

But, you may NOT already know...

  • ​​People who join challenges are serious about making a change in their lives and are willing to put in the time and implementation. When you're the one who's able to shift what's possible for them, you win their trust and become seen as the expert in your market.

  • ​​Your best potential customers get to experience a micro-transformation in advance through your 5 day challenge - one they will forever associate with YOU as their trusted guide. If nothing else, this alone will set you apart from any other competitor.


  • ​Your email open rates skyrocket because you are not just a faceless name in their inbox - you have built a relationship and provided value so that your people want to hear from you!

  • You become an instant trusted authority and quantum leap your competition because you show and not just tell. Unlike everyone else, you create a transformation they can experience. This moves them faster toward you and your offer because you build their confidence in themselves that they can get results and that YOU are the one they can trust to guide them to this outcome.

EVEN THOUGH The reasons to run a challenge are a total no-brainer, the path to doing so is anything but

Run the highest converting challenge in your market?

Heck Yes!

But how do I know exactly what to do and say each day
so that people are highly engaged & buying my offer?

You know that you have a purpose and a message to share and in those moments you’ve gone for it!  

You’ve tried hard, put in the hustle, done the work...

You've listened to the guru, bought the $2k or $10k program, stayed up late nights painfully scripting the videos and emails, spent at least a month or two ‘getting it right’, poured your heart out going live every day,...

And then,...

exhausted and stressed you sent out your last email, waited anxiously refreshing your sales report page...

and all you got was a lot of heartfelt "thank you",


... And yet, after a well intentioned and honestly pretty darn well executed attempt, you are left wondering,... 

"what the heck did I do wrong?"

Even the most driven, purposeful implementers stop here 

and dreams are left unrealized, while some even far less qualified rally on.

Here's why most impact driven online entrepreneurs abandon the call:

Without Neuro-Transformational daily scripts that move your challengers through micro-action steps that gets them eager and ready for the next step - nothing is sold!

Why go into a lonely and overwhelming place, confused and falling victim to the distracting advice from new online wannabes - delivering cookie cutter advice that doesn’t see or even consider the unique genius that only YOU have to offer the world.

Here is why this is so damaging to your impact and sadly a huge disservice to the people showing up for you.

As an impact driven entrepreneur you cannot afford to get stuck at take off, getting bad advice and never being seen so you can share your genius. This is where dreams, hopes impact suffocate under overwhelm. 

Recovering is hard. 


Building your challenge with the right formula that matches the right challenge to the right stage and goals of your business is critical.

Today is your lucky day! Because…

Truthfully, very few people are doing challenges right!

And with The Challenge Launch Method - A.I. Edition, YOU CAN CRUSH IT!

Here’s the thing: Your competitors are creating launches that aren’t converting anywhere near the number of people that they had hoped for.

With means… 

Even if you’ve tried and failed or doing your first challenge, there is a huge opportunity for you to get impact worthy results when you use the right methodology!

That is, if you can avoid these deadly launch mistakes that your competitors are all making, and I will show you exactly HOW to do just that!

Hi, I'm Karen Smith...

Creating highly converting online challenges has literally changed my business and my life.

And, more importantly, changed the lives of so many people that I've helped create THEIR online challenges.  That's why I'm so passionate about sharing everything I've learned with as many people as possible. 

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to go from launching a new program in a new market to having a thriving business that's impacting thousands of people. 

If you're a coach, consultant or have an online course or program of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free look to see the kind of impact running an online challenge can have for your business. 

To have the confidence and ability to make a significant transformation in the lives of your perfect customers, and have them trusting and seeing you as the go-to expert in your market - and to create a constant pool of people you love working with who are ready to buy your offer. 

Sadly, I see so many purpose-driven entrepreneurs with incredible products who are not able to share their amazing gifts with the people that need them and instead end up frustrated and burned out... because they are doing challenges all wrong! 

Here is what I've discovered... 

Karen Smith

Founder, Purpose Academy

The 4 Reasons Why Most Challenge Launches Fail

Wrong Content

Running a challenge is the easiest and most rewarding launch you can do. But, it’s a lot more than just showing up and doing 5 Facebook Lives. 

There is a secret formula for exactly what to say every day and how to sequence it that will keep people engaged and excited for your offer. Most Impact Entrepreneurs approach their challenge like a quick "go live, then sell". But this does not work!

There are many critical questions you must know the answer to before starting. For example,  "What type of content should I share and which of the 4 results am I looking to accomplish?" 

There are a few specific content strategies - that when you choose the right one, that plays to your strengths your confidence and your challenger’s transformation - it creates a viral effect that keeps on giving as your trusting tribe grows and grows and grows! Not to mention your conversions!

It's time you make some key smart decisions and approach your challenge with the leadership and give it the formula it deserves! 


Copying or hacking another challenge will have an 80% failure rate!

There are 5 types of challenge launches and only one is the right match for your goals at the time and type of audience you serve. Choosing the wrong one is detrimental to your success!

If you are looking at a few successful challenges, and are left thinking that you failed... No, far from it! You have a call and you simply need the right device to answer it. Most likely you just used the wrong challenge launch type and you can fix this right now! 


You must have a strategic daily step-by-step formula that motivates and transforms your challenger’s in specific daily increments, so they will follow you to the next step. 

Without a specific pre-planned formula, you lose confidence and the conversion part of your challenge falls flat. You get the “Thank you and goodbye” effect like being ghosted.

What’s worse, is that you lose confidence because you don't know how to transition to ‘selling’. In fact, with a proven system, there is no selling at all! Through the 5 days, when done right, your challengers will be ASKING YOU to go further with you! 


Most launches overall focus mostly on the pressure and the push for the sale. Challenges done right focus on the transformation of your ideal clients through a well tailored experience. 

People are more skeptical than ever and it’s more important now to build connection and trust. People are craving to change, but there is a lot of noise. Unfortunately, other people - who don’t actually provide the value you do - can easily say so in a webinar or in a short video delivered through to a strangers inbox.

The Solution

Your customers are people 

and they crave connection as their #1 need!

Here's how to give this to them...

It's time for you to show up with the confidence that you not only know what they need but you also know the EXACT STEP-BY-STEP FORMULA to communicate your genius to get them prepared to go further.

When you can let go of the pressure for the sale and have your step-by-step psychological buyer's journey with your transformation strategically planned out so that it truly brings your unique strengths to the community - the sky is the limit!

Forget the pressure to prepare your transformation so you can focus on the most important factor that most launches forget: your people! The results will astound you! 

I’m going to share some dirty little secrets....

Even Though the course learning industry is growing right now at $275 Billion (yes that’s with a B) it's not easy to coach into … people’s attention spans are at an all time low.

If your content in your launch is generic, same as what they’ve heard or how they’ve heard it before, they will click away and not finish your challenge, or any launch. 

You want potential clients to feel like they have finally found the solution and the person who truly gets THEM. 

So the stakes are high for creating the micro transformation for your members and having this actually happen in a new way that connects all parts of their brain so that you (kinda literally) become top of mind. 

As long as you can avoid these biggest blundles that squash the aspiration of new impact entrepreneurs, you have a clear path to starting your signature impact business. 

A business that will give you more profitability in the massive and growing coaching and online learning industry. Most of all you will be positioned as the go-to authority. 




That's why I created...
The most comprehensive end-to-end challenge strategy that teaches you not only the day to day implementation, but also how to uniquely match your content and training to your unique strengths so you transform your clients like no one else can so they never go anywhere else.
This isn’t just a course on challenges! 

This is a strategic system Powered by A.I. PLUS 

The Neuroscience of Transformation™

This is the result of 10 years of research and hands on experience in Neuroscience and Biofeedback, combined with 30 years of experience creating the best customer experiences, from high-end retail clothing, to eCommerce, to running a coaching and consulting business and creating over 50+ high converting challenges that ranged from $5K to multiple 6 figures.

This includes 5 different types of challenge launches and content styles designed to take your business from starter to 7 figures, and beyond! And YES,... you’ll learn all the implementation details, down to the daily transformational scripts, and so much more!

With this revolutionary method you will...

be running your challenge with absolute confidence that you are providing the very best experience and transformation that has your perfect customers excited to buy your program because they trust YOU as the go-to authority in your market!

The End Result...


Confidence is magnetic, and when you have the right formula and strategic plan to deliver results, you confidently show up and instantly connect with the people who need your unique gifts. Your people feel like they are 'home' and become your loyal fans. 


With this unique formula, you are able to deliver the real life transformation that your members are so passionately looking for. And when YOU are the one that provides this to them, they immediately trust you to take them farther on their journey and will be asking to buy your program.


You will build the greatest asset you can have online -much more valuable than a cold email list! You will build relationships with your perfect potential clients who are actively implementing the change in their lives that you uniquely provide. 

And when you provide this value, it builds trust and connection so that you never have to 'sell' again - instead you are energized by serving the people who are raising their hand and asking to buy your programs. This is a game changer!

So you never have to worry again about...

Feeling 'salesy'

Confidently connect with your new members and provide them with a real transformation so they are literally asking for your offer.


You'll know exactly how to design your challenge budget and pricing options for maximum conversions and profit every time.

Getting no results
Confidently know exactly what to say and how to connect with your members so that you feel inspired and energized and they get amazing results.

Is the only program that

combines the power of a.i. + neuroscience

the neuroscience of Transformation

Discover how to match your training to different daily content styles so you can create and engage a motivated community and lead them through a step-by-step experience using the cutting edge Neuroscience of Transformation™. 

A.I. Prompts, Tools & strategies

Combine Neuroscience with the Power Of A.I. using innovative & proprietary prompts and tools to create content that instantly engages and activates the 3 "Yes!" triggers in the brain of your premium clients.

unique prizes & Gamification strategy

You will learn exactly how and when to introduce prizes and gamify your challenge for maximum engagement and avoid the 3 common mistakes that cause huge problems that kill your conversions without even realizing it. 

Smooth transition to YOUR offer technique

Best of all, create a stellar offer invite that is anticipated and desired by your challengers so that you never have to be shy to transition to your offer again!

what you're getting today:

A five module video course and step-by-step workbooks:

Everything you need to know to successfully launch your online challenge, organized to these 5 step-by-step phases: 
Designed to scale
Plan a business worthy of your future.

Set your Impact Business up to scale from the start.

In this module, you’ll clarify your challenge goals and set a strategic plan to use different styles of challenges that will maximize your business growth and your impact at every stage.

Even if you’ve never planned a challenge or launched anything before, or are a challenge veteran, this module will break down step-by-step where to start, no matter where you are on your Impact Journey.

You'll also get the key ingredient to successfully move people through the journey so that they show up on Day 5 and experience the change your challenge promises. 

Your Challenge Transformational Journey™ Map

Now that you have setup your overall challenge design and targets, it’s time to focus on the mini transformations that your challengers are going to experience throughout their time with you. 

Your challengers are looking to have a change that ONLY YOU can provide. So in this module, you’ll map their journey to that small change they need to experience so they can get the Ah-Ha’s that make them confident and excited to go further with you. 

You'll use the H3O Content Formula™ that engages and excites your challengers using the latest neuroscience to get results no matter what their learning style is. 

Use a simple transformational technique that maximize those micro changes your challengers so need to get them moving along your mini journey. 

The powerful Day 5 Script that makes your offer a “Must Have!”, so you never have to feel 'salesy' or pushy when you offer your product or program. 

Use our Daily H3O Video Script Templates so you just need to show up and teach with ease. 

Learn a Day 5 Bonus Strategy that really makes them deeply connect to you as an expert and want to commit to their future. 

PLUS: Your Ultimate Challenge Launch Checklist covers everything to make your challenge run smoothly and stress free - with so many things people never think of! 

Build Your Captivation Machine

In this phase you’ll use the most innovative A.I. Prompts & Tools to create your seamless systems that attracts, engages and converts your highest level of perfect high ticket clients so that you "Have them at hello!"

You'll get everything you need to make it easy for your challengers to sign up for your challenges and give them a warm welcome with some expert finesse

This may be the first time your challengers has engaged with you or your brand and this first impression is a lasting one and this will help you get it RIGHT! 

We will work together and by the end of this module you’ll have all the tech steps handled - even if you are not techie at all!

  • Name your challenge so that your perfect clients immediately want to sign up
  • ​Create your challenge launch pages. 
  • ​Turn the typical ‘blah’ Thank You page into instant connection and authority.
  • Avoid the #1 mistake in most challenges that cause massive drop off right at the beginning. 
  • ​The “Get ‘em showing up” process that keep your members active all through your challenge. 
Be The Expert Guide

People want to buy from a person, not a brand - or a robot!

The beauty of challenges is that people get to connect and learn from YOU. They get to experience your expertise, wisdom and are sharing their time and trusting you to help them solve something they are struggling with.

However, the way most people are using A.I. results in a cold 'robotic' content that lacks the real connection people crave - and must have in order to buy your offer.

The Challenge Launch Method™ 2.0 A.I. Edition - uses our proprietary H3O Method - a proven neuroscience approach that creates REAL CONNECTION between the Head + Heart + Hero's Journey of your perfect clietns.

In this module we will guide you how to setup the strategic foundation for the best possible experience.

You'll get your Facebook challenge group setup CORRECTLY without all the simple mistakes that most people make that cause HUGE problems later! PLUS, the little things that most people miss, that make a huge impact on your experience and conversions.

You'll get my expert tips to keep the energy of the group high and positive. Including, the 5 posts you MUST have. You'll be surprised how often these are never thought of!

And the best part... Our winning strategy for how to gamify your challenge with prizes AND how to avoid the big mistakes that can end up costing you in the end.

Plus, I'll show you how to give your members the critical mindset shift (that other challenge courses miss)  so you can always hit the right goals by Day 5. 

provide a real transformation

In this module you will learn the proven neuroscience NEURO-Transformational Design™ experience that will have your members believing and trusting in YOU as the expert in your market. 

During your challenge days 1 - 4, you’ll provide a mini shift in your challengers lives. They will be believing in themselves and a new future and now you'll learn exactly how to show up and confidently guide them to the deeper change you know they need.  

I'll also give you my four favorite steps to get your challengers to show up live so you have massive engagement all throughout your challenge. 

Your new community will be looking forward to seeing you again more than ever. As you use this process, your members will be experiencing a shift and feel so connected to you that they don't want the experience to end!

I'll now show you exactly how to lead them through any remaining limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from taking the next step on a deeper journey with you so they are ready and eager to buy your offer.  

Create A Smooth Transition To Your Offer & Sell With Ease

These last days are filled with anticipation, and you'll get the 'secret sauce' to ensure everything goes amazingly well.  

In this phase you will have a clear transition plan so you don’t get stuck, and instead you will turn the “toughest” part of running a challenge into the most fun.  

You'll get my proven Day 5 Script so you know exactly what to say and how to smoothly transition to your offer in a way that has everyone excited and ready to move forward with you.  

You'll get the winning strategy for how to name your live stream to have people excited to show up and ready to convert on your offer. 

You will learn exactly how to run your grand prize drawing, announce your winners and 'WOW' your members one last time - while you officially present your amazing offer. 

I'll also show you how to announce the prizes and excite the others to sign up for your offer as well. 

In addition, you'll get the super critical Email Follow Up Sequence and strategy to maximize your conversions following your challenge





H3O + A.I.

Content Generating


Strategically generate your content using the H3O Method™ + A.I. to have your members highly engaged, showing up for each day of your challenge and excited to share with their friends. 

The Ultimate 

Challenge Checklist

You'll have every little detail covered so that you provide the very best challenge experience in your market with everything running smoothly so you can focus on delivering an amazing transformation to your members. 

Daily Live Video Content Scripts

Show up each day confident because you know exactly what to say and that your content is designed to connect and engage your members, even if live video is not your thing. 

Day 5 Content Transformation Secrets™
Give your members a real transformation that builds their trust in you so they see you as the expert in your market and are excited and asking to how they can go further with you. 
With Confidence™
Use these proven techniques to introduce your offer early in the challenge in a way that has your members excited to hear more. And then, smoothly transition into your offer on Day 5 so you never feel pushy or 'salesy' ever again.
Compounding Conversions™
Revenue Calculator
Learn the secret strategy for continuously increasing your conversion rates and maximizing the profitability of your challenge and creating a constant stream of new clients. 


Instantly Attract, Connect and Convert New Leads Into Raving Ideal Customers in 21 Days.


This Entire Bonus Package:

PLUS, we're making it...


Instead of it's regular price of $997

Get instant access today for

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy with confidence. Your purchase is protected by

the Signature Success® 100% Guarantee.

We believe in Courageous Integrity!

Our number one value at Signature Success is delivering the very best customer experience in the industry. We strongly believe that when you purchase an online program like this, that program must deliver what is promised, if not more! 

We are so confident that once you experience the quality of our content and programs that you will be a fan for life! That’s why we offer a full three day money back guarantee. Why only three days? Because, you'll see immediately that you'll get more value out of this than any other challenge course being sold for thousands of dollars! We know if you're finding us for the first time, you haven't experienced our quality of delivery yet and we know that once you get in you'll absolutely love us! However, if you don’t think this right for you, email our friendly helpful support team within the first three days for a full refund.  

This course was life changing. I went back and renamed several of my products.The minute I changed the names I had people immediately messaging me on Instagram wanting to learn more about what I do!  
Christina Nguyen
Weight Loss Expert, BossBody Life
Karen has been amazing to work with! I saw immediate results in my business.Before working with Karen I was constantly having to explain what my products were and had to ‘sell’ people on why they needed them. Now my products are like a magnet and people are eager to buy. I’m finally working with people that I love.
Natasha Vorompiova
Founder, CEO at SystemsRock
What Others are saying
"This course is pure gold!

I was so nervous to do my first challenge and this gave me the confidence to get out there - I'm so glad I did! I had a clear plan for each day and my people loved it! I made $6k with my first challenge and can't wait to run the next one! Thank you Karen!"

Amie Schultz

Wellness Coach

"I've been running challenges for a couple years and WOW, this changed everything! I learned so much and have restructured my content based on this training, and can't believe the difference! The energy of my groups is totally different and my conversions have more than doubled!"
Judie Simmons

Life Planning Coach, Strategic Horizons

"I've never felt more supported and cared for! The group was amazing and supper helpful. The content was well organized and gave me so much clarity into what my unique strengths are and how to give a real transformation to the people I love working with. The best investment for my business."

Sumi Bhang 

Meditation Instructor, Zen Your Life

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Enjoy the course for an entire 14 Days Risk Free!
The Challenge Funnel Formula™ 
Instantly Attract, Connect and Convert New Leads Into Raving Ideal Customers in 21 Days.
Powered by The H3O Method™ 


This Entire Bonus Package:

PLUS, we're making it...


Instead of it's regular price of $997

You're getting this today for

ONLY 3 payments of




1) How is this different from other challenge courses? 

Perhaps you've seen and even taken some other challenge courses - and perhaps haven't gotten the results you had hoped for... that's because other course don't focus on designing the right Challenge Model with the right Content Style based on your unique strengths and stage of business. 

The H3O Challenge Funnel Formulais VERY different, and here's how...

First, what other challenge courses miss, is beginning with a winning financial strategy and planning out all your numbers and goals ahead of time! With the Compounding Conversions™

Revenue Calculator, you'll know exactly how many leads you need and all your engagement numbers through each stage of your challenge - and how to reach them - to make sure you hit your goals. 

Second, unlike other courses that teach you their challenge model, in this course, you'll learn all the different types of challenge models and help know which challenge model is the right one for you

Third, you'll leverage the Power of A.I. with highly innovated and proven A.I. Prompts that are based on the Neuroscience of Transformation™.

The quality of these prompts in UNMATCHED because they incorporate the highly strategic H3O Method® that is laser focused on generating content that will create a real result for you.

You'll use the H3O Content Planning Toolkit™ to strategically design your content to deliver a truly transformation experience to your members.  

Whew... that's a lot! 

And there is still more I could share, but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

2) my schedule is already packed! how much time will this take?

No worries!

This course is designed to give you amazing results in the fastest time possible without any of the overwhelm because you'll have a clear step-by-step process and 'fill in the blank' templates. 

You can go through the instructional videos and workbooks on your own schedule 24/7 and do the course quickly in as little as a week, or take as long as you need. 

I'm literally handing you a strategy kit and templates that we've refined over many challenges - so you know exactly what to do without wasting any time on things you don't need. 

3) I have a small list, or no list at all. Will this work for me?

Most definitely!

In fact, we use challenges as our NUMBER 1 LIST BUILDING STRATEGY!

If this is you, you'll use our second Challenge Type: Lead Generation, to quickly build a highly engaged list of people who have a relationship with you so you are not a faceless name in their email inbox. 

Your email open rates will blow away the industry averages because of how you've built your list! This helps to increase your Sender Reputation with all the email service providers so you can continue to lead your market in email responses. 

4) I'm totally new to online marketing. Is this right for me?

Yes! Doing a challenge is the very best way to get started! 

If this is you, you'll start with the Discovery Challenge Type. 

There is no faster way to gain a deep and intimate understanding of your target market while building a list of loyal fans! You'll know exactly how to speak to your perfect customers in a way that has them immediately interested to know more about you and your business. 

You'll be able to quickly design your products and offers to be super magnetic to your ideal customers and start generating profits in no time. 

5) I don't have a product yet, or my product is ready. 

You are in the right place!

A challenge is the best way to research, design and test your product idea before you create it. 

Use the Discovery Challenge model to get immediate feedback on what your ideal clients are actively looking for, what questions or objections they will have and exactly how to position, package and price your offer for huge success.  

To start generating immediate revenue, you can use our secret strategy for introducing your one-on-one coaching and consulting packages and start making sales right away.

6) I've been doing challenges for years. will i learn anything new? 

Yes! Our mission at Purpose Academy is to bring industry leading innovation to every topic we teach. 

We've done extensive market research, participated in every challenge we can find and taken every course on challenges we've found. The strategies and techniques you'll learn here are not done or taught anywhere else.

The core of The Challenge Funnel Formula™ - The H3O Method™ is our proprietary intellectual property that we've spent years developing and refining. I'd be VERY surprised if you didn't come away with some major Ah-Ha's that dramatically increase the engagement and conversions for your challenges!

7) what if I have absolutely no technical ability? 

Great news, I'm not technical either!

In you're reading this page, that means you likely came here from a Facebook Ad. You're qualified :)

Seriously, if you can post to Facebook and manage your email inbox, you have all the skills you need. 

While we do include some totally Ninja techniques for those so inclined, the program is designed so total technophobes can launch and run a very successful and high converting challenge using very minimal technology. We'll guide you through everything you need to know, step-by-step!

And for you tech-geniuses out there... we have you covered too! Don't worry. 

8) what can i expect once i sign up?

Once you complete the order form, you'll receive an email with your login info and have immediate access to begin the course. 

You'll have access to a beautifully designed, state-of-the-art learning portal where you can begin the video training and download your workbooks and audio files. Each module has multiple video lessons where you'll learn all the strategies and everything you need to fill in the workbooks and build your challenge.

You'll also have immediate access to our private Facebook group where you will find a positive, helpful & encouraging community of other purpose driven business owners ready to welcome and support you.

9) what if i have questions or need help?

When you join the Purpose Academy® community, you're joining other purpose driven business owners, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs at all levels of business. 

Private Facebook Group

You'll have access to our content-rich and highly supportive online community. Our coaching team is standing by to answer questions and provide feedback, as well as all the other members in the group. 

Purpose Academy® Support Team

Our support team is standing by to assist with any support questions you may have. You will also find a technical support FAQ inside your membership. You can also email at any time and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Mentoring and Coaching

Purpose Academy® offers a wide range of programs, courses, and strategic coaching and consulting services for all levels of business - whether you are just starting or looking to scale your business to 6 or 7 figures or beyond - we have you covered. 

10) do you have a refund policy?

You can buy with confidence knowing you purchase is protected by the Signature Success® 100% Guarantee.

Our top value is providing the very best customer experience in the industry. We believe that when you purchase an online program you deserve a quality experience and should get results! 

We are so confident that once you experience the quality of our content and programs that you will be a fan for life! That’s why we offer a full three day money back guarantee. Why only three days? Because, you'll see immediately that you'll get more value out of this than any other challenge course being sold for thousands of dollars! We know if you're finding us for the first time, you haven't experienced our quality of delivery yet and we know that once you get in you'll absolutely love us! However, if you don’t think this right for you, email our friendly helpful support team within the first three days for a full refund.

The H3O Challenge Funnel Formula™ 
Instantly Attract, Connect and Convert New Leads Into Raving Ideal Customers in 21 Days.
Powered by The H3O Method™ 


This Entire Bonus Package:

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Instead of it's regular price of $997

You're getting this today for

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